A new and effective system that achieves poker straight, shiny, easy to style hair!

K.Liss is an innovative Thermal Straightening System that permanently straightens for 3/4 months giving hair an amazing gloss and shine. This effective thermal system eliminates frizz, revitalizes and restructures hair by infusing Hydrolyzed Keratin deep into the hair’s cuticle: with the aid of heat, the Keratin proteins bind tightly to the hair’s Keratin’s chains, helping their reconstruction. Ideal for all hair types.

Easy to use, performing products!
The KIT: K.Liss products have innovative and exclusive formulations, especially designed to respect the hair:
• 100% Formaldehyde Free.

K.liss Thermal Straightening System Kit

  • Contains: 2 x K.Liss Straightening Cream 100ml, 1 x K.Liss Restructuring Protective Keratin Spray leave-in 250ml and 1 x K.Liss Neutralizing Emulsion 250ml.